How to Recognize and Address Swollen Gums

Do you consider often the health of your gums when caring for your teeth? You have probably heard of gum disease, but there are many health issues that can cause problems in your gums tissue. We encourage you to learn the causes and treatments of swollen gums so that you can address this issue with… Read more »

Recover a Tooth From Dental Fracture With a Dental Crown

Your teeth have a very strong and hard tooth enamel layer designed to protect them but can fall victim to damages caused by tooth decay, a hard fall, or a blow to the face, resulting in the fracturing of a tooth. Your teeth can also be weakened by poor dental habits such as tooth grinding… Read more »

Oral Cancer Screenings Are an Important Part of a Healthy Smile

Have you scheduled your six-month oral cancer screening yet? Oral cancer can affect any patient regardless of sex, race, or age, but you can greatly enhance your chance of full recovery with an early diagnosis. If you have not scheduled your oral cancer screening this year, we encourage you to schedule your visit and further… Read more »

Fun Facts About Fillings

Fillings are the fix for decayed cavities in teeth. When you get a cavity, there is an area of damage in a tooth that needs to be cleaned out and filled up so that it can be restored to its normal function and shape. A filling will also avert further decay by closing the entryway… Read more »

Dental Attrition with Tooth Decay Could Cause a Toothache

Dental attrition is often linked to a chronic alignment problem between two or more teeth. This causes the biting surface of one tooth to degrade the tooth enamel layer of another. As time goes on the compromised surface could expose the sensitive denting layer beneath, or foster a new area of tooth decay. If you… Read more »

What Makes Teeth Sensitive

Sensitive teeth that are painful happen when the surface enamel that protects the tooth wears thin, or when the roots become exposed due to receding gums.   After this occurs, food and drink that is hot, cold, sweet or acidic can cause pain or minor discomfort. Even breathing in cold air can become bothersome.  … Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity and Oral Hygiene

Sure, you’ve probably experienced tooth sensitivity before. But what did you do? Were you aware that you can visit our office for tooth sensitivity procedures? Here are some things you can do to keep your pearly whites feeling strong and healthy after professional treatments from our Houston, Texas, office. To defend your pearly whites after… Read more »

What You Might Not Know About Tooth Decay

Cavities are holes that develop in the teeth when bacteria and acid attack. Typically, cavities form when you have poor oral hygiene, you forget to visit Dr. Chet B. Hawkins every six months, or you eat lots of carbohydrates. Many people think children are the only ones who can get cavities, but that’s not the… Read more »

What Do Dental Crowns Do

What does a dental crown do, precisely? In reality, there is more than a single response to that question. Dental crowns do lots of different things, and if your teeth are sore or are misshaped, dental crowns could likely help you. Here’s some more pieces of information on what dental crowns might be able to… Read more »

Burning Mouth Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment

Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) is characterized by a burning pain in the mouth which may happen every day for months or even longer. Other symptoms include numbness, dry mouth or an altered taste in the mouth. Although the symptoms seem straightforward, BMS is difficult to diagnose because there is no stand-alone test designed for it…. Read more »