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Your teeth have a very strong and hard tooth enamel layer designed to protect them but can fall victim to damages caused by tooth decay, a hard fall, or a blow to the face, resulting in the fracturing of a tooth. Your teeth can also be weakened by poor dental habits such as tooth grinding or gnawing on pen caps.

A fractured tooth may be able to be recovered with a custom-made dental crown that covers the damaged tooth enamel. The material for your dental crown is selected to complement the tooth’s appearance and location in your smile.

If the fracturing has resulted in tooth sensitivity or sharp pain, it indicates that your tooth’s dentin and pulp have been exposed, and the best solution may be to perform root canal treatment. However, a sound interior structure may benefit from a dental crown, in which case our dentist will remove the tooth enamel so that the tooth can become an abutment for the support of the permanent dental crown. An impression of the area is used by the dental lab to create the dental crown, but while we wait, the abutment can be protected by a temporary dental crown. Your second visit to Chet B. Hawkins DDS Inc will be to have the final crown cemented in place.

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